Why Does Any Architect Like Being An Architect?

Why Does Any Architect Like Being An Architect?

If you ask any design professional to name the world’s most famous architect, they will not be able to do so. But if you ask a person why they like an architect, they would probably have a different answer. Most architects simply enjoy working in this field. Some do it for the love of it, and some do it because it’s the way to make their family and social circle happy.

The question of who my favorite architect is has to do with me being a creative person. And just as a person can be deeply loved by another, or hateful to another, an architect can be loved or hated. It’s only a matter of preference.

Why Does Any Architect Like Being An Architect?
Why Does Any Architect Like Being An Architect?

About Architect

Some architects are very nice and friendly people. Other people are really demanding, dictatorial, and hard to please. An architecture firm may not hire people who are creative or interesting people.

They are not big business. Their clients are not wealthy people. I’m sure there are plenty of people that have loved the design of an architect but never had the opportunity to build their home themselves.

I’ve worked as a project designer for many designers and experienced that many of them are overpaid and treat their designs and buildings like big business. That’s not what architecture is.

To Become An Architect

To become an architect, you need to be taught by an architect who already knows everything. And the best architects become one, not through luck, but through education. They take courses to learn how to be an architect. An architectural firm that doesn’t even bother to teach its employees any of the basics is not one that should be hired.

Many architects want their buildings to look beautiful from the moment they buy them. And then work hard to create a good understanding of how to build it. Many people dream of a glass box floating in the clouds. They want it to be luxurious, and I can understand that.

Architects who truly care about their clients will not disregard the clients’ wishes. I know they won’t because they have been educated in every aspect of building.

Architects need to know how to make the building look attractive from the beginning, while at the same time be able to manage it and move it around. All of these things are skills that come from experience.

Professional Career

My own professional career has taken me to many places all over the world. I am very well versed in different cultures and languages. I can speak Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, and many more. And I was hired by a company in South Korea, who chose me because I was bilingual.

Designing a great, beautiful building for someone, and then knowing how to move it all around is what an architect is really meant to do. The best architects start out as real estate developers, then later become architectural designers. And the best ones, many of them now have their own architectural firms.

Why Does Any Architect Like Being An Architect?
Why Does Any Architect Like Being An Architect?

Architects often get caught up in their own egos, or perhaps they just get swept away by the emotion of a great design. These things are sometimes true, but there are other times when architects are simply carrying on a game of endless planning, but in the end, they’ll never achieve the dream.

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