The Major Architecture Styles You Probably Didn't Know The Major Architecture Styles You Probably Didn't Know

The Major Architecture Styles You Probably Didn’t Know

The Major Types Of Architecture Styles

Architecture is the detailed planning of building structures and home arrangements. The three most popular architectural styles in the world are Italian, French, and English. Each of these styles is unique in its own way. Let’s shed a light on these styles.

In this article, you’re going to learn about the top three major architecture styles you need to know about.

Let’s dive in…

French Architecture

French architecture known for its square and modern look has symmetry and simplicity. Many of the French buildings of today have made an effort to preserve the originality of the architecture style.

The Major Types Of Architecture Styles
The Major Architecture Styles You Probably Didn’t Know

An architecture style that is in common use in England is French. Roman and Gothic designs influenced this highly popular style. France was first influenced by the Roman architecture that has given rise to some of the most significant building styles of the world. Examples of French architecture styles include Baroque, Rococo, Art Deco, Rococo, and French Renaissance.

Well, the style used for the French style was the Rococo. The style consists of long, straight lines and symmetry. Characterized by ornate decoration with a sense of art, the Rococo style is a transitional style.

English Colonial Architecture

A type of architecture that was brought to England by the Romans is the English Colonial architecture. Named after the colonial houses built in England for the foreign troops, the English Colonial building style got popularization from the Victorians. English Colonial architecture is a mixture of Italian, Baroque, and Gothic styles. The English style is still used in the more common homes today.

Gothic architecture is one of the most famous architecture styles in England. It was the cathedral-like architecture style of the Edwardian era. found throughout England, Scotland and Wales. This design has hanging pulleys, stained glass windows, ornate paneling, flat roofs, and arches. The overall form of this design is rectangular in shape and most of the buildings are still seen in their original state.

Well, the French as well as Italian architecture styles has influenced the British style to a great extent. Known for its evolution and uniqueness, the English style usually confines to a small area.  

Italian Architecture Styles

Influenced by both North Africa as well as the European building style, Italian style is also a popular form of architecture style. Examples of Italian styles include villas and chalets. This style also features Mediterranean and Tuscan styles.

Villas influenced by traditional Spanish architecture are quite popular even today. On the other hand, chalets were first found in Switzerland. Also, while villas consist of flat roofs and arched windows, chalets have artistically designed rails. Further, the chalets use wood in their construction. The Tuscan style uses plaster and generally incorporates courtyards and art in the interior. Talking about Mediterranean style, it has stucco walls, enclosed patios, and arches.

The Major Types Of Architecture Styles
The Major Architecture Styles You Probably Didn’t Know

The Italian style characterized by a certain feeling of traditionalism and simplicity is very much in line with the Catholic Church’s beliefs. This popular style has influenced the whole world with respect to the changing times.

Each of these building styles has taken a very different approach to architecture. All of them have been popular among architecture designers as well as homeowners.

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