Ten Best Article On Design Architecture

A large stone building

Some design architecture works are so stunning, so impressive – as to their artistic or technological manifestation – that they become famous. So, some of such listed work might interest you.

Design Architecture Of Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim is one of the great works of architecture, a valuable example of the neo-expressionist movement that emerged in the 1980s. Internally, it also has ample and fluid space. Moreover, it is full of spiral ramps and flooded with natural light from a beautiful dome on the roof of the building.

Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, Spain

Another Guggenheim Museum that is on the list of famous architectural works is the Bilbao, Spain. The sculptural building designed by Frank Gehry has shapes that seem to defy gravity and logic. Moreover, the shiny metal sheets applied to its façade refer to a large vessel anchored in the Nervión River.

Ten Best Article On Design Architecture
Ten Best Article On Design Architecture

Design Architecture Of TWA Terminal

Eero Saarinen also designed terminal for Trans World Airlines (TWA) is the answer to International Style, a hallmark for post-war New York.

Sydney Opera House, Australia

People consider the Sydney Opera House as one of the famous architectural masterpieces. Moreover, its design was quite innovative for the twentieth century. Design by Jorn Utzon, the building is also made up of three interconnected shells that serve as a cover for concert halls and other facilities.

Lotus Temple, New Delhi, India

Now, of all the famous buildings on this list, the Indian Lotus can be by far one of the most beautiful. The design architecture Fariborz Sahba designed the temple. The large central room has nine accesses. Moreover, they symbolize, precisely, the possibility of the harmonious joining of people of different beliefs for the same purpose: that of peace.

Georges Pompidou Center

In the 1970s, architects Renzo Piano, Su, and Richards Rogers designed one of the most bizarre buildings in the French capital, the Georges Pompidou Center. Moreover, the colored tubes, in addition to the glazed stairs on the outside, refer to the theme sciences of the center.

Ten Best Article On Design Architecture
Ten Best Article On Design Architecture

The Shard, London, England

Still on the list of famous architectural and industrial-looking works of architecture is Shard. It also has a very unique, various steel and glass style that stands out in London’s cityscape. Moreover, to date, it is the tallest building in the region, at 306 meters.

Villa Savoye, Poissy, France

The famous architect Le Corbusier designed, in partnership with Pierre Jeanneret, one of the great works of the designed architecture of France.

Glass House, Connecticut

Philip Johnson is an essential name in modern architecture, known for following styles such as minimalism. Moreover, many of his works have achieved iconic status. This house looks like a simple, transparent box in a garden which attracts many tourists and the site of the house provides a peaceful mind.

Kaufmann Residence Or Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

Located in the Laurel Highlands region, it is considered US historical heritage and was famous for its large rocking structures, something innovative for its time.

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