Questions to Ask Your Renovation Contractor Near Me

renovation contractors near me

If you are considering a renovation contractor near me for any work, whether it is a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodels, or other types of home upgrade, these questions will help ensure that you make a good decision. You may not know what you should ask or how to evaluate the answers before hiring your renovation contractor near me, but this list of key questions can help get you started.

Do You Have A Written Contract?

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Any renovation contractor near me worth hiring will have a written contract, but not all do. Be sure to request and review the following before signing the contract:

The scope of work – what work will be done?

What is included in the price – only materials, or also labor?

You want a complete list or outline of everything that needs to be done and everything that must be purchased for the job. It should include everything from demolition to minor repairs to any required building permits. If your renovation contractor near me cannot offer you a written contract, you may want to consider hiring someone else.

Are You Licensed And Insured?

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Many states require licenses for contractors who perform home improvement and renovation work. Check with your local city licensing department to find out if you need a contractor’s license and what the requirements are before hiring your renovation contractor near me.

A reputable renovation company will be properly licensed and insured as well, which could include:

Liability insurance – protects you from damages or injuries

Worker’s compensation – protects employees in case of injury on the job

Are Any Of Your Employees Or Contractors Related To You?

It might not seem like it would make a difference who does the work for you, but some homeowners have found that when family members do their remodels, exorbitant charges or shoddy workmanship can result. If any of your renovation contractors near me employees or contractors are related to your renovation contractor near me, keep a close eye on the work and be sure to request and check references.

Can You Give Me References Of Other Clients Who Have Had Work Done?

An easy way to weed out unqualified renovation companies is by talking with their previous clients. If they have nothing to offer, it could mean two things: either they don’t know you well enough or that there is something wrong with their performance. If your renovation contractor near me cannot give you any references, consider this red flag. Also, be sure that any reference given you has no connection with the person providing them other than being a satisfied customer.

What Is Your Process For Quality Assurance And Customer Satisfaction?

Renovation contractors near me with a good track record will always have some sort of process or procedure for quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Ask your renovation contractor near me what that is and how they determine whether their job was completed satisfactorily—and if it wasn’t, why not. Make sure the process involves you as the homeowner and makes room for your input throughout the project.

How Do You Handle Communication With Your Clients?

Your renovation contractor near me should be able to answer this one clearly:

Phone calls – when and how often will he/she contact you?

Written communication – email, text message, or mail?

Face-to-face communication – does your renovation contractor near me have an office or prefer working out of his/her vehicle?

Why Should I Hire You And Not One Of Your Competitors?

It can be tough dealing with a demanding client, but it’s part of the job and you should expect honesty and professionalism from your renovation contractor near me. This is why asking them this potentially sensitive question could get you some valuable information:

How do they stand out from their competitors?

What would make you choose them over another company?

How Do I Pay For The Job?

Many renovation contractors will take credit cards for big jobs, such as remodels and additions, but may prefer cash or check for smaller jobs such as patching a small hole in the wall. Be sure to ask your renovation contractor near me how he/she prefers payment and if there is a fee associated with it (some contractors take a percentage).

How Long Will It Take To Complete The Job And When Can You Start?

The length of time it will take to complete your project will vary depending on the size and scope of work involved. But you should be able to get an estimate from your renovation contractor near me, so ask them about their process for scheduling projects. Also, inquire when they are available to start working on yours—you might need some lead time before beginning the job so plan accordingly.


When hiring your renovation contractor near me, be sure to avoid being too hasty. There are many factors that go into the decision-making process, and you want the best results for your money. Remember these 9 powerful questions when interviewing potential renovation contractors.

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