Prairie Home Floor Plans – How To Create A Natural Look

modern residential architecture

With new materials and designs, architects began to explore different aspects of design. This further enabled architects to create spaces that were not previously thought possible. Modern residential architecture continues to this day.

One of the most popular features of modern residential architecture is the use of open floor plans. Open floor plans allow for ample room sizes in a small home, but it also allows for less room as well. With open floor plans, the flow from room to room is very smooth, allowing homeowners to enjoy living space in their home rather than feeling cramped. In fact, many of the open floor plans in homes today take advantage of the fact that there are usually several hallways throughout a home.

The Use Of Large Windows

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Another feature of modern residential architecture is the use of large windows. Large windows are not only a sign of space, but the placement of large windows allows light to stream into the interior of a home. With large windows, the light can enter the house interior while letting outside air flow in. This creates an environment that mirrors that of natural sunlight throughout the day, giving you the warmest living room in the entire house.

While this may seem too easy, modern architects take the time to strategically place windows so you can still get that natural sunlight into the house. This is very important because no matter how much exterior lighting you have on the inside, if you don’t have enough natural sunlight coming in through the windows, the house will never feel comfortable. The placement of a window is also key to the function of a modern house. Some modern residential architecture is designed around the concept that the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Nourishment And Relaxation

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The kitchen is where people get their nourishment and relaxation from. As such, it should be a place that flows with energy and activity. Most modern residential architecture focuses on the idea that the kitchen is the central gathering spot in the house and that it must be equipped with all of the necessities needed for that purpose. This means that the appliances in the kitchen must be efficient and the seats and counters are well cushioned. All of this contributes to modern design and the ultimate comfort of the modern house design.

One other feature common to modern residential architecture is the use of the Prairie Home design. Prairie architecture was developed by the early American prairie settlers. Prairie homes were constructed out of logs and adobe frames to resemble the natural trails and wildlife found throughout the prairie. In addition to the natural beauty of the prairie landscape, the Prairie Home was also an efficient means of building such structures because they were built closer to the soil making construction easier and more economical.

Town Center Or Civic Area As A Central Gathering Place

Many modern residential architecture styles make use of the Town Center or civic area as a central gathering place. In many of these modern house designs, the Town Center is surrounded by an outer ring of town center homes or by an outer circle of park space.

In order to create an intimate gathering place for residents and guests, architects incorporate natural materials into Town Center and civic areas such as the edges of trees and the edges of park spaces. In addition to creating a unique edge for these areas, these natural materials also allow buildings to blend into the surrounding landscape.


When planning the floor plan of a new home, it is important to choose a floor plan that incorporates natural materials. The use of a Prairie Home in your floor plan allows for a mix and match of natural elements while creating a unique design. A prairie home is made up of individual units that are designed to be constructed in a planned and logical manner. Prairie Homes use architectural design techniques like gables and arbors to combine the structural elements of a home with an appealing natural feel. A Prairie Home is the perfect choice if you want to build a custom home that combines functionality with an attractive natural appearance.

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