Made Of High-Quality Aluminum Alloy to Ensure the Desired Angle and Can Keep It for Next Use!

Construction becomes easy when we do it with appropriate tools. Preciseness is necessary during construction. Correct measurement is also one of the key elements of construction. There are multiple tools according to different purposes, and carrying them all the time is a difficult task. Rather than carrying a lot of devices, you can use a single device for locating the holes and measurements. 

It is necessary to update your tools with the changing time. This multipurpose hole locator is a measuring tool. This multipurpose hole locator is of high-quality Aluminum Alloy, has marvelous strength. The quality is superior. It is difficult to rust and quite durable. This product can provide you long service life. 

Way Of Using Multipurpose Hole Locator      

Wrong measurements and holes can destroy your long hour of effort. Being a constructor or remodeler, you should have greater knowledge of preciseness. The multipurpose hole locator device is easy to use. You need to place it in the work area. After that, glide the ruler to the desired shape and then tighten the screws. It guides you in locating the holes. The best part of the product is the adjustable body for measuring is attached to it.

Moreover, it makes the measurement convenient because it comes with two units of measurement, which are in centimeters and inches. The scales are clearly mentioned on the device. You can rotate it according to your requirements. The device is suitable when you are working with bricks, glass, stones; you can also use it while doing any kind of woodwork. The multipurpose device is also helpful when you are doing any kind of engineering project, laminating, or architectural project. So what is stopping you actually from buying this useful and pocket-friendly product


Brand Name: Onkel. J

Is_customized: Yes  

A close up of a device


  • The product is easy to use.
  • Multipurpose Hole Locator comes with high-definition laser engraving lines, which makes it easy to ready the data. The accuracy of the scale is the key benefit of this product. 
  • It comes with an adjustable body for measurement. 
  • The device will replace all your old bulky tools as it is convenient to carry and fast to use.
  • The product has a seamless fit, precise positioning, and is deformable. 


  • Proper handling of the device is necessary. 
  • It requires proper care as it can rust in the long run. 


Now everyone wants to hustle-free life construction is no exception to this. Tools made our life easy, and upgraded devices are more convenient. So if you want your next project to be precise and correct, get this device right now. 

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