Le Corbusier- Know About This Legendary Architect

Le Corbusier- Know About This Legendary Architect

One of the finest architects during the time of the 20th century is Le Corbusier. He was born in the small Swiss city of La-Chaux-de-Fonds. He shared his birthday on October 6, 1887. Corbusier was not only a dynamic writer but also was a gifted architect, a painter as well as an organized urban planner. He influenced the most powerful leaders at that time and set his incredible benchmark in the history of architecture.

Le Corbusier- Know About This Legendary Architect
Le Corbusier- Know About This Legendary Architect

After His Education

Once he completed his architecture study in his hometown, the young Corbusier traveled to Paris. There he worked with August Perret and learned the German language apparently in the Berlin office. He took efforts with Peter Behrens. Peter was the most cited industrial designer and was proto-modernist too.

After a certain period, Corbusier came back to his hometown and started teaching till the First World War of the period. In the year 1914-15, he created his first work named The Dom-Ino House. It was a steel-clad concrete frame that was placed as a production system for the idea of free-plan housing.

Once the war was finished, Corbusier went to Paris again. There he started an architectural practice along with his cousin Pierre. He had planned to pursue his career with his cousin. There he met a French painter Ozenfant and created a manifesto of Purism. Thus, they both went to publishing his journal L’Esprit Nouveau in 1920. There Corbusier got his pseudo name which was a fashion during that time. Corbusier created his very first famous architecture named ‘five points of architecture’. This had several features.

Developing the buildings on ‘pilotis’ and free the walls of the structure-function

  • A free plan should be incorporated
  • Likewise, the façade should get designed on a free basis
  • The horizontal ribbon window should use to lightening the rooms. It should get enabled by free façade
  • However, there should be a flat roof and a roof garden. This would replace the ground space by the building.

Incredible Work Of Le Corbusier

Villa Savoye was the most incredible work of Corbusier. None of its work was as successful as these works. He developed this structure in the initial days. However, this work of him depicted every point from the famous five points of architecture completed in 1931. In this structure, the main living spaces would raise off the ground and the low floor would have a sweeping curve. This was designed to embrace the circle at the turning and the ramp would access the roof.

Le Corbusier- Know About This Legendary Architect
Le Corbusier- Know About This Legendary Architect

However, Villa Savoye was his incredible work but also was the last work of his entire career. A renowned writer Kenneth Frampton had mentioned the lifestyle of Corbusier in two different books. This included his life up to 1930 while the other book would consist of the time period from 1930-1960. This book had received an astounding response from the audience.

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