Frank Lloyd Wright- These Are Some Of The Major Works Of Him


The legendary architect who had a creative mindset for architecture is Frank Lloyd Wright. His thought process would serve both the working as well as the beauty of the architecture in the world. He discovered the huge potential for art in houses, temples, and other such structures. Wright invented around more than 1000 designs and could successfully execute almost half of them. He was 70 till then. However, we have come up with a few major and best works of Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright- These Are Some Of The Major Works Of Him
Frank Lloyd Wright- These Are Some Of The Major Works Of Him

Prairie Houses

Wright defined this type of house in his initial years. At the end of the 20th century, he designed homes that would be the best fit for the broad Midwest area. The greater Chicago consists of such homes. This styled homes exemplified a specific American spirit. This took drawing motivation from the philosophy of the Transcendentalists. These houses are low-slung houses. They featured long window panels, spacious interiors, overhanging eaves, and recurrent geometric embellishments. However, Wright’s new inventions assisted to leave the long-lasting mark of his work.

Taliesin West

These houses are large in the concept of mythology. These complexes are sheltered into beautiful landscapes of Arizona. The structures include studio, living quarters, and the workshop crafted Taliesin Home. The home gets structured in 1937 and since then it never stopped improving. However, Wright used that space for experiments and taught his intern’s various styles as well as methods. For him, the Taliesin West was the property that could be used for changing plans and designing an incubator for his number of designs.

As per 2018 records, Taliesin West received more than one lac tourists. However, a remote visitor could access the area via 3D and virtual reality touring.

Tokyo Imperial Hotel

Just after Wright opened his Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, the city witnessed the most severe earthquakes. It was the Kanto earthquake 1923 that wreaked havoc in the space. Still, Wright’s hotel made to sustain and remain with just minor damage. The architecture has great flexibility as well as stability owing to which the structure could survive the earthquake attack.

Meanwhile in 1968, due to high-rise in Tokyo, the Imperial Hotel could make a corporate monstrosity. However, with this, the real lobby and reflecting pool got back and again took place to the open-air architectural park situated in Meiji Village.

Fallingwater Structure

Frank Lloyd Wright- These Are Some Of The Major Works Of Him
Frank Lloyd Wright- These Are Some Of The Major Works Of Him

The structure is hanging over a waterfall and is surrounded by trees. It embodied Wright’s well-known declaration that no house should be on a hill. But, it should be on the hill, thus, belonging to it. Fallingwater has become one of the most beloved and appreciated works of Wright. However, the structure has proven quite tough to preserve. In 2003, it included a renovation of around $11.5 Million.