Designed to Be Durable in Construction and Smooth in Performance! Comes in High Quality Drive Gear!

Do you love angling, or is it your favorite hobby? If yes, then you surely know about the importance of reels in fishing. Well, as we know, fishing reels are an essential thing for fishing. Among all the fishing reels, the spinning reel is considered the modern icon for anglers. The versatility of spinning reel extends to drag settings, the ability to use fluorocarbon, monofilament, or braided line, along a lenient extension to a variety of rods. The fishing reels come in various sizes, from heavy-duty models to ultra-light models that can land huge salmon from pelagic fish deep offshore or fast-moving rivers. Furthermore, the smoothest, most valuable drivetrain in a spinning reel is now more efficient and even smoother with improved durability, introducing the Water Resistant Power Spinning Reel.

Water Resistant Power Spinning Reel For Fishing

The power spinning reel for fishing is made of solid metals, and it is water-resistant. Plus, it has a comfortable handle, and the reel has an instant lock and anti-reverse features. Spinning reels are ideal for beginners and older people since it is easier to use. This package includes one spinning reel that has a drag power of 15 to 18 kg. Plus, it is one of the best fishing reels, so buy it quickly to enhance your fishing style.

Now you can buy the Water Resistant Power Spinning Reel For Fishing here.

Specifications Of Water-Resistant Power Spinning Reel For Fishing

  • Brand Name: kastking
  • Position: stream
  • Model Number: Sharky III Spinning Reel
  • Fishing Method: Spinning
  • Fishing Reels Type: Pre-Loading Spinning Wheel
  • Baits Type:    Fake Bait
  • Target Species: Bass, Pike, Carp
  • Drag Power Range: 15-18 KG
  • Ball Bearings: 10+1
  • Weight Range: 260-299g
  • Gear Ratio:    5.2:1
  • Line Capacity(1000 Series): 0.205mm/180m
  • Line Capacity(2000 Series): 0.205mm/200m
  • Line Capacity(3000 Series): 0.235mm/200m
  • Line Capacity(4000 Series): 0.260mm/200m
  • Line Capacity(5000 Series): 0.285mm/200m
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  • Versatile: The spinning reel for fishing is versatile; it can be used to cast artificial lures, different tackle designs, and even live baits.
  • Usable in salt water: You can also use the spinning reels in saltwater, and it can keep friction against a large fish on a light line. 
  • Easy to use: The spinning reels are easier to use than any other reels. You can even use this reel if you are just commencing on your fishing journey.
  • Adjustable: The spinning reel’s drag can be easily adjusted amongst the fight with any size of fish.


  • Time took: The power spinning reel sometimes takes a bit of time for the angler to process.
  • Difficulty to cast: Sometimes, it becomes difficult to cast because it involves hoisting the bale, holding down a coil of line with your index finger, then whisking the attached shaft ahead.


Furthermore, fishing is meant to provide food for the family. So with the help of this stunning water-resistant power spinning reel, catching a fish becomes easier for you. The anglers’ experience using the spinning reel is simply satisfying, and it is likely the most familiar type of fishing reel.

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