Craftsman Style Homes: Your Quick Guide To Them Craftsman Style Homes: Your Quick Guide To Them

Craftsman Style Homes: Your Quick Guide To Them

Your Quick Guide To Craftsman Style Homes

Craftsman Style Homes are one of the most recognized and beloved house designs in Architecture. They were popular in England and America when they were first designed and are now built all over the world by fans of the style. This article will discuss the main features of these homes so that you can recognize them anywhere.

Your Quick Guide To Craftsman Style Homes
Your Quick Guide To Craftsman Style Homes

Description Of Craftsman Style Homes

The craftsman style became popular in the early 20th Century by Gustav Stickley. He was a furniture maker from New York who promoted and sold craftsman house plans through his magazine – The Craftsman. Charles and Henry Greene, two architects from California also greatly influenced the popularity of craftsman style homes and until today most such homes are found in California.

The houses are very simple which is a contrast to houses of the Victorian era which came previously. The style is based on the Arts and Crafts Movement that was a rebellion against the mechanized production of goods and embracing of handmade furniture. Craftsman homes are still popular today particularly in mountainous and forest regions.

Your Quick Guide To Craftsman Style Homes
Your Quick Guide To Craftsman Style Homes

Main Features

The most recognizable feature of craftsman style homes is that they have strong horizontal lines and low triangular roofs that extend way past the houses’ external walls. The extended roofs create space for large covered porches held up by thick, tapered columns. Houses from this era were made of local materials which in America was mainly wood though in England some houses are made of stone.

The homes display a simplicity in their external appearance with the walls having natural colored paints. Decorations were artistic handcrafted decorations such as brackets, lintels and rafters made by skilled craftsmen. The homes also display excellent workmanship and honesty in their construction whereby no efforts were spared. The houses were built to last. Many homes that survive to date are still in good condition.

The interior of Craftsman-style houses also displayed skilled workmanship with prominent fireplaces that were the main focal points of rooms. Additionally, there were inbuilt wooden features such as kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, window benches and so on. Finally, most of the houses of this era had an open floor plan.

Types of Homes

There are four styles of homes in this design: Bungalows, Prairie Style, Mission Revival and Foursquare. The bungalow is a style that originated from India whereby all rooms are on one story. This is the typical style used by most craftsman homes. The prairie style was developed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright for the prairie landscape. Such houses have string horizontal lines with low roofs.

Mission revival style is similar to the prairie style, but the exteriors of the homes are covered by stucco. Finally, the foursquare style is a two-story home that has four rooms at the bottom and four rooms on top with an internal staircase.

The functionality and quality of Craftsman style homes make it an enduring design that can still be used in contemporary house design. Would you consider using this style for your dream home? Let us know in the comments.

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