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The cost to build a home varies by state. The cheapest states for construction are Louisiana and Arkansas, with an average cost of $50,000 per home. New Jersey and Connecticut come in at the other end of the spectrum: they’re among the most expensive states to build in, with average costs of more than $250,000. 

The article below shows how much it would cost to build a 1,200-square-foot house from scratch in different U.S. states or territories.



$293,722 $193.92 per square foot, Alaska is the most expensive state in terms of cost to build a home. The average price of building materials there is $298 per square foot. That’s 9% more than the national average for this category, and 33% higher than the second-place state (Hawaii). 



$133,052 to $132 per square foot, Arizona has one of the highest average costs of construction materials at just over $131 per square foot. Builders in Arizona pay an average of 14% more for lumber, 13% more for drywall, 12% more for flooring products, 8% for paint, and 6%–7% for most other materials, compared to the national averages.


$142,315 $119 per square foot, Colorado’s construction industry is booming, with the average cost to build a home reaching 119% of the national average. That’s due in part to Colorado’s thriving economy and population growth, which has led to increased demand for new homes.


$128,711 $156 per square foot, The average cost to build a home in Florida is more than $155 per square foot. That’s 2% higher than the national average and 19% above the next-highest state (Louisiana). 


$332,734 to $201.51 per square foot, Hawaii has some of the most expensive construction costs in the country: an average of $200.51 per square foot. That’s 33% higher than the U.S. average and twice as much as the second-most expensive state (Alaska). However, Hawaii also has one of the fastest rates of new home building activity — the 4th highest among all states — which helps compensate for the high cost of materials. 


It’s interesting to see how the cost to build a home varies so much in different states. For example, you might think that Hawaii would be one of the most expensive states for construction because it is an island and there are only certain materials available on the mainland. However, this isn’t necessarily true! The average cost to build a home in Alaska was $303,000 whereas in Hawaii it was just under $200,000. It seems like location has more bearing than we thought when looking at these numbers–you can tell where demand is high by seeing what people will pay for housing!

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