Contemporary Homes: Your Quick Guide To Them - The Main Features Contemporary Homes: Your Quick Guide To Them - The Main Features

Contemporary Homes: Your Quick Guide To Them

Your Quick Guide To Contemporary Homes

It is hard to define what a contemporary home is as ‘contemporary’ changes every second. In this article, we will, however, attempt to look at the most popular house design styles of the present time which could be classified as contemporary homes.

What Is A Contemporary Home?

Contemporary Architecture refers to the design styles that have been and continue to be popular in the 21st Century. Traditionally, architectural styles tend to rebel against the designs of the style that came before them. For example, the baroque style which was very extravagant came after the renaissance style which was characterized by simple buildings.

Contemporary house designs, however, borrow a lot from the modern style of the 20th Century. The sleek minimalist designs found in contemporary houses are features of the modern era. On the other hand, contemporary homes have evolved from the previous era as they are more comfortable and tailored to homeowners’ needs. The focus on making homes fit for the purposes and desires of the homeowner as well as the environment that home will be built has resulted in very individualized home designs.

Your Quick Guide To Contemporary Homes
Your Quick Guide To Contemporary Homes

Common Features Of Contemporary Homes

While each contemporary home will be a different design from the next one there are some features that make it easy to identify a contemporary house design. The first characteristic is the rigid requirement for natural and sustainable building materials. Many buildings use recycled materials as a way for homeowners to contribute to a green environment.

The houses also use a natural color palette that enables the house to blend in with the environment. In fact, blending into the environment and not affecting scenic beauty is another feature of contemporary houses.  

Contemporary homes also have large windows and lots of openings that encourage natural lighting. The large windows also allow occupants to enjoy scenic views and sunrises or sunsets from the comfort of their homes.

Another feature of contemporary houses is their Asymmetrical Shape. Today there are as many shapes as house designs. Additionally, contemporary homes embrace the modern style with minimalist structures that have clean lines and no clutter.

Contemporary homes also have energy-saving and eco-friendly systems for plumbing, heating, and Air Conditioning. This is in line with the style’s adherence to sustainable building requirements. The interiors of contemporary homes are often open floor plans. The architects design a flexible layout that is adaptable to the needs of the family. The way houses in this style embrace the individuality of the homeowner is what makes contemporary homes so popular.

Your Quick Guide To Contemporary Homes
Your Quick Guide To Contemporary Homes

Contemporary Homes Versus Modern Homes

There is a difference between a contemporary home and a modern home. Modern Architecture is a minimalist architectural style that was popular from the 1920s to the 1950s whereas Contemporary Architecture is a style that belongs in the 21st Century. While contemporary houses borrow a lot of their design features from the modernist era there are some differences which include a focus on using sustainable building materials and incorporating the latest technologies in the house designs.

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