Architecture Building Design – The Best Design Ideas To Cover

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In today’s time, everyone wants to have the best house to live in. People desire the house, which becomes the center of attraction and is loved by everyone. This purpose can be served by Architecture Building Design as they give your house a touch of uniqueness and makes it notable. Architects are endowed with the responsibility of building an architectural design and concept. They are the one who is involved at every stage even after the finalization of the design, as they guide the team members throughout the construction process. Architecture Building Design uses the latest trends, fashions, religious beliefs, or technology to design your home.  

Types Of Architecture Building Design

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There are many types of Architecture Building Design. The first type is Classical Architecture. This architecture design is influenced by the architecture that was used in ancient Rome and Greece. Classical Architecture makes use of columns, Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian. Gothic Architecture is another design that has features like vaulted columns, pointed arch, and flying buttress. Baroque is another architectural design which was emerged in Italy. It is a dramatic style and uses curves like oval and convex, and concave to add movement to the design. Distortion is another key feature that includes the use of elongated or broken figures. Victorian architecture is another design that includes the features of the gothic, Tudor, and Romanesque designs. It also uses vivid colors and asymmetrical designs. Modern Architecture is another type that portrays class, decency and gives preferences to simplicity and clean designs. Finally, neofuturism is also an Architecture Building Design which takes advantage of technology to build the innovative structure. 

Process Of Building Architecture Design

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The first step is programming. At this point, all the needs of the client, facts, and goals are discussed. During programming, the architect gathers all the information regarding the existing home and the neighborhood. Then, together with the client, the architect develops a vision for the project. All the indoor and outdoor requirement, living space and budget is discussed at this point. The next step is schematic design. After the discussion, the architecture is made by the architect, which shows the client the rough image of the house on paper. The next step is design development, where the architect gives more details to the schematic design and evaluates the preliminary structure and the material selection. The final step is the construction design process, where the architect makes the drawing which he will use to explain the construction process to other team members.

Modern And Contemporary Architecture

De Stijl is one of the Modern Architecture Building Design that uses bold primary colors, geometric lines, and unique furniture. The other type is Expressionism which uses glass or concrete to create structural forms, sometimes fragmented to reflect an emotional perspective. Finally, art Deco uses bold designs and new materials along with bold geometrical forms.  Smart design is another design that includes the use of technology and software, making it a smart building.


Thus, many Architecture Building Design gives your house an aesthetic touch, making it a center of attraction and unique. Through an architectural design, one can either give a dramatic touch to their home or make it look classy, elegant and technology savvy.

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