Antoni Gaudi- Awesome Facts You Should Know About Him

Antoni Gaudi- Awesome Facts You Should Know About HimAntoni Gaudi- Awesome Facts You Should Know About Him

If there could be a person who would be called a supporter of Barcelona then the name of Antoni Gaudi would come first. He incorporated colorful mosaic arts, skeleton balconies, and natural elements in the industry of architecture. However, we have come up with a few facts of Gaudi that will keep you amazing while you read the complete article.

Antoni Gaudi- Awesome Facts You Should Know About Him
Antoni Gaudi- Awesome Facts You Should Know About Him

He Was A Vegan: Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi was a pure vegetarian and that too prior Tempeh became the new Tofu. However, his inspirations or what you called as inspirations were having health-instigated instead of low animal rights. He had poor health due to rheumatism. This was the reason why he adopted vegetarianism and rejected every medical treatment to cure his ailment. Though, the way he opted to cure his illness could not cope up and led to severe illnesses.

Gaudi’s Poor Outlook Led Him To Death

When Gaudi was young, he used to be more stylish and would dress in costly suits. But, like other persons, he too changed with the passing time. He faced tremendous issues right from the demise of his close ones to financial troubles. This made him a prudent home person and started neglecting his overall wardrobe. While walking on the road, he got struck by a truck and later on did not get proper medical treatment. A few days later, a member of Sagrada Familia recognized him and took him to the doctor. But meanwhile, Gaudi’s injuries elevated and then he passed away in the next three days.

He Was An Active Politician: Antoni Gaudi

Gaudi was fighting for Catalonian culture. It is claimed that Catalan men are highly proud persons and Gaudi was born in this same culture. However, he always believed that Catalan should be an independent state. He loved his culture so much that he was requested to come down into politics but he refused to do so. The Catalan identity had been around since the 8th Century A.D. Since the 17th century, the fight for the independence of Catalan was in full rage. Then, Gaudi and his partner involved in protests that elevated the issue in complete uprisings.

Antoni Gaudi- Awesome Facts You Should Know About Him
Antoni Gaudi- Awesome Facts You Should Know About Him

Gaudi Was A Bad Student

He was such a genius who hardly peeps in a school. While in school he literally scraped the very bottom of the barrel largely and made the Director of Barcelona Architecture of School (BAS) mention a statement. The sentence was ‘We have shown the academic title to a genius or a fool person. Well, time will show,’ said the Director of the school.

His Initial Career Was Different

Palace de Catalunya is one of the famous tourists place in Barcelona. Placa Reial is the square next to La Rambla that has lively buskers as well as architect-drafted lampposts. Those ornate lampposts were created by the young Gaudi as a part of his 1st work assignment. That too, after he progressed from the Barcelona Architectural School. There is no route in that space that Gaudi has not decorated and made beautiful.

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