Antoni Gaudi: All The Facts You Need To Know About

All The Facts You Need To Know About Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi is one of the most beloved architects in the world. He was born in Catalan, Spain on June 25, 1852. Gaudi is widely considered to be an architectural genius because of the way he mixed new building technology with sculptures made of different materials. He also found creative solutions to the problems he faced in his work. For example, the way he used discarded glass and ceramic pieces to decorate curved sculptures. He is a modernist architect most associated with Gothicism, Art Nouveau, and Surrealism.

Because his designs were very individualized, over the top and far ahead of his time, he wasn’t recognized for his accomplishments during his lifetime. City officials only gave him an award for his least impressive work Casa Calvet. Gaudi died in 1926 after an unfortunate accident whereby he was run over by a tram.

All The Facts You Need To Know About Antoni Gaudi
All The Facts You Need To Know About Antoni Gaudi


Antoni Gaudi may have developed his unique way of thinking because he spent a lot of his childhood years studying nature rather than going to school. This was due to his rheumatism. Its no surprise that he would later say that “Everything comes from the great book of nature.” His deep identification with nature came through in his architecture as he was an early proponent of the organic style.

He later studied architecture, philosophy, history, and economics in Barcelona. He also attended many craft workshops where he learned carpentry, ironwork, glasswork, ceramics, plastering and other similar crafts. This is why his work was able to combine details from so many disciplines.

Gaudi was a strong Roman Catholic which had a great influence on his designs. His Catalan nationalism also showed in his later designs. He believed that society and politics were the main causes of disagreements in architecture.

The Major Works Of Antoni Gaudi

All The Facts You Need To Know About Antoni Gaudi
All The Facts You Need To Know About Antoni Gaudi

The first commissions Gaudi received were from the city of Barcelona. He designed two sets of lamp posts for the Placa Reial; one had six arms and the other three arms. They had cast iron and marble stands and were decorated with the emblem of Barcelona.

Gaudi’s first major design was the Mataró Cooperative which was meant to be a housing project. Although only a small part of the design was built, the plan made Gaudi famous. He ended up attracting his patron and friend Eusebi Güell who sponsored most of his outstanding buildings such as the Güell wine cellars, the Güell Pavilions, the Güell Palace, the Güell park, and the crypt of the Colònia Güell.

The Sagrada Familia, a church in Barcelona is Gaudi’s greatest work. He worked on it for 44 years, which is from 1882 up until his death in 1926. The building is still unfinished to date. During the latest stage of his career Gaudi’s style was organic and inspired by nature. You can see the organic style in the Sagrada Familia School buildings as well as the Sagrada Familia. They all have very simple designs that blend in with their environment.

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