All The Facts You Need To Know About Architecture Photography

All The Facts You Need To Know About Architecture Photography

For many people, buildings are more than a shelter. They are artistic, scenic and historical parts of the human experience. Documentation through photography is therefore important for many people as a way to share and preserve the memory of beautiful buildings all around the world. This article tells you what you need to start a career as in Architecture photography. 

All The Facts You Need To Know About Architecture Photography
All The Facts You Need To Know About Architecture Photography

Definition of Architecture Photography

Architectural photography is the activity of taking photos of buildings and infrastructure like bridges and roads. It is also called structural photography or building photography. Many people have made a successful career out of their passion for photographing buildings for clients such as architectural firms, construction firms, interior design firms, governments and city councils and also magazines.

The job entails taking both interiors and exteriors of buildings, sometimes having to fit the entire structure in one shot. The photographer will need to assess the structure that they are required to photograph and determine when best to take photos based on lighting, traffic, etc. Some projects involve taking photos of a building over time, e.g. when documenting the process of building a house from the day the ground is broken to when the house is finished.

All The Facts You Need To Know About Architecture Photography
All The Facts You Need To Know About Architecture Photography

How To Work As An Architecture Photographer

While you may have a passion for both buildings and photography, you will also need to have the technical knowledge of taking unique and engaging architectural photos. Having an undergraduate degree in photography or architecture will help you understand the technical requirements of the job. Alternatively, there are many architectural courses available both online and offline. For those starting out in the field taking up an internship with an experienced photographer will go a long way in improving your skills.

Requirements To Become An Architectural Photographer

First of all, you need to have a love for buildings and infrastructure in order to be able to catch and photograph details that a layman may miss. This is one reason why architects are good architectural photographers and take it up as a secondary career.

Another requirement of this career is to own the right camera equipment that will help you take the best possible photos. Once you have a camera you should immediately start developing an online portfolio of your pictures which you will use to sell and market your skills.  Architectural Photographers have local and international trade organizations which help to promote best business practice and protect their members’ interests. Joining such an association would help you to further your career.

You will also need to be creative and artistic so as to be able to present buildings in unique and interesting ways making common people interested in them through your photos. Technical knowhow of taking good still life photos is a must.

Architectural photographers also need great sales and marketing skills in order to attract and retain enough clients to earn a sustainable income from their services.  

Career Information For Architecture Photography?

The average salary for Architectural Photographers is $39,000 a month but skilled photographers with great marketing skills have the potential to make more. As long as there is a need for buildings there will be a need for architectural photographers, so the career prospects are good.

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