7 Top Products From The Architectural Digest Home Design Show

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The Architectural Digest Home Design Show is a fair in which different kinds of interior designing products made by various artists are illustrated. Here, you can get a chance to see a variety of interior design products that are beautiful and handmade. If you love to watch or collect such types of unique home decor pieces, then the architectural digest design show is the best choice for you. 

In this article, we have mentioned the top 7 products from the architectural digest st design show of 2019, which held from 2q march to 24 March in New York. In this show, there are 170 artists, 50 women-owned companies, and up to 400 brands that showed their products and represented their ideas. 

List of 7 Products Of Architectural Digest Home Design Show

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Gibbous Corner Cabinet 

This is designed by Jude Heslin Di Leo to adjust into a corner. These are solid bleached maple, brass and English bridle leather cabinet which features a perfect curve on the front side. This shape is curved from the front to promote the flow of chi ( an element considered in feng shui). 

Bookscape Coffee Table 

Diagram, engineering drawing

This table is designed by Trey Jones Studio. This table is designed architecturally and is creative, integrating a Carrara marble book holder and easy-to-move coasters. This is available in serpentinite marble and Red options, and also the custom sizes are also available.

Cup Series

The Cup series by Lydia Johnson ceramics is slab-built with colored clay. The unique thing about these cups is that the color of each design is mixed clay. It is not a printed glaze. 

Enchanted Forest 

These enchanted forests by Tracy Glover are glass objects which are designed in the form of a tree. These orbs are mounted on a metal stand and available in custom colors and sizes.

Elodin Tables

Elodin tables by Peg Woodworking x Matthew Ward studio in the architectural digest design show are a collaborated collection. These are the series of going anywhere end tables that show a mixture of either deionized or bleached ash and ceramic slabs and tango or Constellation pattern.


These baskets by Twenty-one tonnes are made up of elephant grass with the help of hands. These can be used to store laundry and toys, or any other goods. These can also be used to grow plants. 

Leather Bookends

These leather bookends are crafted of vegetable-tanned leather in Italy. These are made by Moore and Giles. They are sold in pairs, and they give an aesthetic look to the bookshelves. 


In the above article, we have discussed the top products from the architectural digest home design show. This kind of show or exhibition gives a chance to see different kinds of home decor things made by some great artists. These things are made up of mainly bamboo, clay, wood, and other material. Such architectural digest home design shows also make us aware of new talent and various antique techniques. 

Hopefully, you find this article informative.

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