7 Renovations Companies Near Me That Offer the Best Value for Your Investment

renovations companies near me

There are many reasons that homeowners decide to invest in home improvement projects. Not only does it improve your home’s aesthetic appeal and market value, but it can also help you save on future utility bills. But how do you decide which renovations you should tackle first? We’ve compiled a list of (in no particular order) seven renovations companies near me that offer the best value for your investment:

Home Window Replacement

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Most people don’t realize how much low-quality windows can cost them over time. By investing in high-quality windows now, not only will you receive decades of efficient performance (and excellent energy savings), but they often will pay for themselves after just a few years.

Siding Replacement

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Do you have siding that’s falling apart? If you answered yes, then it may be time to invest in new siding. New siding not only offers better protection from the elements but also helps increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value as well. It can often be an affordable solution to increasing the overall value of your home.

Skylight Installation or Repair

For many people, skylights are a wonderful feature that provides natural lighting for basements and other rooms with low ceilings where other windows aren’t practical options. While they can offer incredible benefits, there is one key drawback. They tend to break over time which means replacing them or just the broken panel can become expensive. The good news is that repairing a skylight is often a fraction of the cost of replacing it and will help you avoid any significant water damage to your insulation, framing, and interior walls.

Roof Replacement

While a roof replacement may not always be needed (and sometimes it’s more economical to repair the existing roof), investing in a new roof now can save money down the road as many types of roofs have extremely long lifespans (some up to 50+ years). It also helps improve your home’s curb appeal as well as increase its resale value which definitely makes the investment worthwhile in the end.

Kitchen Renovation or Remodeling

Even if your kitchen cabinets and appliances are still functional, a kitchen renovation or remodeling project can help your kitchen feel fresh and modern again. It’s also a great place to invest your money as it not only increases the value of your home but it can also increase the resale value as well because so many people want an updated and functional kitchen space.

Power Washing

There’s no denying the fact that a clean and well-maintained home can increase its resale value, but not everyone has time to clean their home every day. If your daily schedule is busy and it seems like there’s never enough time to give your house the deep cleaning that it needs (or you just don’t want to…let’s be real), hiring a power washing service is an affordable solution. While they’re typically used for exterior surfaces such as driveways, decks, and siding, power washing can also remove mildew from sidewalks and other surfaces as well.

Door Replacement

Do you dread opening and closing your front door because it feels like you need to use all of your strength just to make it work? If so, then replacing or adding a new door (or updating the existing one) can be very beneficial for your home. Not only will it increase its energy efficiency by preventing drafts, but it’ll also provide an aesthetic update as well which can help increase the overall value of your home.


As you can see, there are many types of renovations and remodeling projects that you should consider investing in. While every situation is different, the companies on this list will help make your home renovations experience as cost-effective and easy as possible.

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