5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase And Use Revit Architecture


Revit Architecture is a Building Information Management Software (BIMS) used by Architects and Construction Professionals to design, build and manage buildings. If you are involved with any part of the process of constructing a building, you cannot do without a BIMS Software and Revit is one of the best in the market. Below are five reasons why you need to purchase it for your firm today.  

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase And Use Revit Architecture
5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase And Use Revit Architecture

Revit Architecture Helps You Articulate And Communicate Your Vision

Communication is one of the most difficult skills to master. This is true especially when you are trying to make another party understand pictures that exist solely in your head. Most people are visually oriented, so it is hard to communicate your design to clients without drawings. Revit produces 3D images that speak for themselves and communicate your design intent in a way that will be impossible to misunderstand. On top of this, it has a virtual reality feature that allows the users to explore the design building as if they are actually walking through it.

It Encourages Collaboration And Consolidation Of Ideas Across Disciplines

Revit allows for team members from different departments to work on a project together. For example, structural engineers and other construction professionals can view the design created by the architect and add their input and it is all saved on one file. This saves a lot of time and prevents errors that would occur if the project manager has to collect data from all the departments and then combining them into one document.  

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase And Use Revit Architecture
5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase And Use Revit Architecture

Revit Documents The Design Process

Another great benefit of using Revit is that it saves all versions of design documents. This is very useful as the team members can easily find any information needed from any stage of the design process. Disputes relating to changes in the design process can also be solved by going through the stored data and establishing the history of design decisions.

Hastens The Design Process

Once the designer inputs intelligent features such as doors, walls, and windows into Revit, it intelligently designs floor plans, elevations, sections and schedules. Ordinarily drawing up all these documents would take hours, but Revit does it at the click of a button. Making changes to your design will no longer be a headache. The software refreshes the plans and drawings automatically whenever you change an input.

Revit Architecture Analyses Your Building’s Design

Revit has an inbuilt analysis tool called insight that can easily calculate your building’s performance indicators before it is even been built. This is of massive value to your team as costly mistakes can be avoided while the project is still in its design state.

Subscription plans for Revit are flexible depending on your needs and they start at around $2300 a year. The investment will be worth its weight in gold as you will save your firm a lot of manhours and money as well as increase client satisfaction.